Life Bridge Mil-Spec

For use after gunshot wounds

With Mil-Spec, we are expanding the Life Bridge product for use after gunshot wounds.

The product enables delivery of analgesic (buprenorphine), hemostatic, shock-preventive (epinephrine), and antiobiotic medication (preventing inflammation and sepsis) through balloon catheter coating.


In the course of stabilization, a balloon catheter is inserted into the gunshot wound during bleeding and filled with a syringe containing a cooling agent. This unfolds the balloon with a capacity of 30-50 ml. Thus, the urgently needed pressure reaches the ruptured vessels and an additional vasoconstrictor effect (vasoconstriction) is achieved by the cold, which stops the bleeding more quickly and, even without the Drug Coated (Mil-Spec) version, the cold alone has an analgesic effect, which counteracts the shock.

Target group

This product variant will be used mainly for special applications in terms of the Bundeswehr, US military, in particular the USSOCOM and MEDSOC, UK Army, Turkish military, Israel Defence Forces (IDF) , UAE, Saudi Arabia and other military organizations. Other customers are, police organizations, shooting clubs, schools, public places, hunters who want to be equipped in case of emergency.