Life Bridge For use with gunshot wounds

What problem can be solved with Life Bridge?

Currently, for lack of alternatives, simple commercial tampons are introduced for protective injuries, nasal balloon catheters, urological balloon catheters (after discussions with UK Army Paramedics) or the XSTAT (competitor’s product), which merely absorbs the leaking blood and then expands. There are not even tampon discs held together by, for example, string into the wound. Tampons were originally designed for a different purpose, namely to absorb leaking fluids and not to exert pressure. Accordingly, tampons do not create pressure to stop bleeding, but merely keep the bottom clean. Stopping bleeding more quickly is not only desirable but also medically indicated. The surgeon or the paramedic, who often only have a field hospital at their disposal, are hopelessly overtaxed by this. Even a forgotten slice can cause sepsis. Neither the wound is sterilely covered, nor sufficient pressure is generated, not to mention features such as drug administration and prophylaxis of hypovolemic shock. The currently researched agents such as foam, anticoagulant, powder (Flo-Seal 1048 USD) and similar may not be injected into the bloodstream or inhaled in some cases, (Chitosan does not have a single study) as there is danger to life. The agents known to date harden the wound but do not create pressure in excess of systolic blood pressure. None of the powders or similar products researched or offered as niche products even begin to offer those benefits of Phoenix Cryo Therapeutics’ Life Bridge.

Our patented solution

Life Bridge enables faster, less complicated and less painful care for emergency patients after gunshot and stab wounds by applying cold and pressure and delivering active ingredients. The innovation consists in the simultaneous application of cold and pressure at the site of bleeding through a process patented in Europe and the USA, at the same time it is a novel way to deliver drugs to the body. By means of the product Life-Bridge an immediate sterile closure of the wound as well as a sterile compress is possible, while at the same time a vasoconstrictive effect is achieved by the generation of pressure on the ruptured vessels together with the effect of cold, by which the bleeding can be stopped faster and pain can be relieved.

opens. The generation of pressure on ruptured vessels is effectively generated by the systolic blood pressure value, as only this can depress an arterial vessel.

The effect of the technology is based on the combined application of the following mechanisms:

Cold application

The aim of cold application is vasoconstriction (vasoconstriction), reduction of internal muscular tension (muscle toning) and pain reduction (analgesic). Cold is produced by a harmless chemical reaction, allowing it to be used in the field with minimal preparation and technical effort (pressing the plunger). It is the oldest means of physical medicine.


The second component, applying pressure to bleeding tissue, is a proven method from physical medicine and has arguably been used since the dawn of mankind for bleeding to minimize blood loss. In the LifeBridge™ product, pressure is delivered to the site of bleeding by inflating a balloon in the gunshot wound, the coming together of cooling agent (UREA) and water, with the aid of a gel former creates a longer cooling time. Cold and pressure are thus produced simultaneously and the bleeding can be effectively stopped. Since wounds have existed, they have also been treated with pressure to slow bleeding. We bring these mechanisms to the site of bleeding, achieving a higher degree of effectiveness than just applying pressure from the outside. Sterile wound closure, PEN- construction for better compliance and wearability, the delivery of active ingredients through the wound by means of coated balloon, complete the product features. The product can be easily inserted by self or colleagues, in normal condition the device is 4.0 mm wide, before removal it reaches the initial condition and allows seamless clinical care. With antibiosis already initiated, pain relief (analgesia) and shock prophylaxis.


It is applied by inserting the balloon catheter into the gunshot wound and activating the cooling agent. The patient should wear the Life Bridge™ for approx. 15-30 minutes. During this time, vital signs can be obtained and very good case documentation can be completed as required. If bleeding has not stopped, a second application can be made, which will then result in hospital admission. All full metal jacket bullets fired into gelatin blocks (Full Metal Jacket) were found to have 100% penetrations. Regardless of caliber.

A bilateral insertion represents a quantum leap in treatment, proving to the world that Austria has more to offer than the Steyr and Glock, it gives the gun lobby (strongest lobby in the US) a tool that can put firearms in a more positive light, so we are counting on the support of the NRA (National Rifle Association). First contacts were made, a very positive feedback was the result.

Based on the first development steps as well as potentially received funding and subsequently investor contributions, the expansion of the product in the direction of Life Bridge Mil-Spec (coated authority version), should already be started as soon as possible (planning 2021). 

Several UK and US medics expressed that it would be good if this balloon was longer. Thus came the input for the development of Life Bridge, which not only has the longer balloon, but provides cooling, strong pressure, sterile wound closure and simultaneous drug delivery. Pain relief is provided locally by cold, centrally by analgesics , hemostasis by epinephrine and prevention of inflammation by antibiosis . These possibilities are all combined in one product.

According to the privately financed preliminary work, initial assumptions regarding the mode of operation and effectiveness could be confirmed, which were subsequently registered for protection according to the patent applications made.

Target group

Police officers, military, hunters, shooters, outdoor enthusiasts, U.S. schools and the gun trade (retail and wholesale, Bass Pro Shop, USSOCOM, MEDSOC, Police Departments USA wide, even the National Rifle Association-NRA as a lobby are potential partners).