Our products

Our products provide immediate “pre-treatment” of gunshot and stab wounds, thereby increasing the window of opportunity from initial report to surgical treatment of the injury.

The product represents a self-help kit. For immediate acute treatment to minimize blood leakage and stabilize the patient.
and to stabilize the patient.

Life Bridge Mil-Spec

For use with gunshot wounds

Life Bridge

For use with gunshot wounds

Our patents

The current innovation and differentiation from existing products on the part of Phoenix Cryo Therapeutics GmbH consists of the simultaneous application of cold and pressure at the site of bleeding through a process patented in Europe and the USA.

This is a new method, previously unknown in the pharmaceutical industry, of delivering drugs to the body without the need for peripheral venous access. The solution chosen is the route through the wound by means of coated balloon. This patent will be nationalized in Q1/2019.