The Management Team

Founder of Phoenix Therapeutics is Mr. Cihan Kabadayi -the Phoenix Cryo Therapeutics GmbH is founded on 26.11 2018 by the inventor Cihan Kabadayi and 2 business partners. It starts with a lean team- and plans to carefully build up additional staff according to the development progress. The technical and clinical development activities as well as QM and regulatory activities are realized through qualified partners. The technical project management and the control of the contracting companies for the development are taken over by the inventor Mr. Kabadayi.

Our mission

Phoenix Cryo Therapeutics GmbH is improving medical care for gunshot wounds, with an innovative product that is easy to use, fast-acting and much gentler than existing procedures. The product will also contribute to better care for bleeding injuries in other areas, leading to improvements in emergency medicine worldwide. Life Bridge is a highly engineered product, with a drug-coated balloon, a Pine Tree surface and revolutionary drug delivery technology. Therefore, we are optimistic that we can keep the possible stagnation of sales growth in the 4th year due to imitator products low by technological advantage of the coated version and good distribution partners.

This can be effectively countered by moderate adjustments to the sales price, intensification of marketing activities and increased acquisition of regulatory customers.

Cooperation partner

Phoenix Cryo Therapeutics collaborates with renowned partners in the course of research and development.